FREE $5 Amazon or Denny Gift Card at Denny’s



Actually I wrote about this offer about two weeks ago, but the new information just came up and it is a game changer. So let’s take a look at what you can get with this offer.

My original post is at:

Basically, this deal offers you to get $5 Amazon Gift Card by spending $5 or more at Denny’s.

However, it seems that you can still get a gift card if you purchase Denny’s gift card at Denny’s !!. Since the minimum amount for Denny’s gift card is $10, you can also split your transaction into $5 each, then use your credit cards to pay and get $5 Amazon gift card for each transaction. Don’t forget to register all of your cards beforehand at Note that you need different email for each card you register.

Also, here is 20% off coupon that is valid until 08/26/2013:

This offer is valid until 09/13/2013. Still plenty of time to score free gift cards !!

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