[Free] 5,000 Shop Your Way Reward points ($5) from Fitstudio promo


Shop Your Way Rewards program offers free 5,000 points ($5 value) for joining Fitstudio promo program.

You can earn FREE 5,000 points by following these steps

1) Go to this address: http://www.fitstudio.com/?intcmp=KLA_fitness
2) Click on “Sign Up” at the top.
3) Fill out everything. I used the same email and password from my SYW account, and left “Promo code” blank.
4) Ignored the other forms and clicked “Next” all the way to “Finish”.
5) Now, you will be logged in and see no extra points at the top.
6) Use the “gear” symbol to log out. Logging in again to see the update total.

In my case, I have to wait for about an hour until I can see 5,000 points posted to my account.

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