Get $5 Amazon Gift Card by spending $5 at Denny’s



You can get a $5 Amazon Gift Card by spending just $5 at a Denny’s using a registered credit card.

All you need to do is register your debit/credit card at The term said $5 must be before tip and tax. However, many report that $5 after tip and tax will work but YMMV.

Note that only VISA/Mastercard are eligible. Many report that some prepaid/gifted VISA and Master Card also eligible.

If you are using your Debit Card when you go to pay you have to run it as “Credit”.
Just choose “credit” when presented with a “debit” or “credit” option, or make sure to tell the cashier to run the card as “credit.” Note that all debit transactions require PIN authorization, so if you are asked for a PIN, you’ve probably chosen debit and should start the transaction over.

If you want to register multiple cards, be sure to use incognito mode (or clean cookies every time) and use different email addresses.

This offer is valid until 09/13/2013.

In addition, if you plan to go to Denny’s today (August 10, 2013), you can have an additional 20% off entire check by using this coupon:

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